Kaikki kirjoittajan arcticsiida artikkelit

Arctic-char ice fishing tour

20150404_142555Go fishing with the locals from Sápmi. Along with your fishing tour guide, you will find the best fishing spots in the Arctic. Your guides will show you 11083825_430137307152164_8655508566548983279_ntraditional Sami methods of ice fishing. You will also learn about Sami culture, and sample some delicacies from the far North, such as reindeer jerky, and cold-smoked reindeer roast. Lue loppuun

Boat fishing in the Deatnu River

Spend a day fishing along the scenic river Deatnu, the largest and most productive free flowing river for salmon. Your excursion will be in a traditional Sami boat. Whilst fishing, your Sami guide will tell about the traditional ways of fishing and Sami culture. In addition to a delicious salmon or two, you will take away memories from the fishing trip of a lifetime.
Lue loppuun

Mountain biking under the midnight sun

maastopyöräily Enjoy the amazing light of an arctic summer during an exciting mountain bike excursion. During your ride, you will see an old IMG_20151211_162229reindeer correll, that has been in use for a decades, hear the history of the area  and  find yourself in the beautiful wilderness of Sápmi in the the northernmost region of the E.U. Your Sami guide will take you to the most scenic and adrenaline-pumping trails of the Arctic. Lue loppuun

Diving in the Arctic Ocean

09eAoDx-CYlCDRot9XtnfsrnxBJRyG2kX9iMD-_Q-g4Unique arctic diving environment awaits you in the northernmost Finnish and Norwegian Lapland. We will guide you to safely experience the arctic underwater world. After all, the unforgettable Lapland nature continues underwater as well.