A day in the life of a reindeer herder

boazu21IMG_4328Travel to the northernmost point in the E.U. and experience the tundra like you had never imagined before! Govva 029The trip will take place in Buolbmatjavri, an old fjord along the coast of the Arctic Ocean. Here you will be blown away by the majestic scenery of the Arctic, where only a lucky few have been before.

On this excursion you will live the life of a reindeer herder. You will experience herding and feeding the reindeer via snowmobile and sled. Of course, after herding for a while, you will need a break. During your break you will be refreshed with hot coffee and traditional Sami snacks, such as reindeer jerky, by the fire. You will also learn about the traditions and stories of the Sami people (the indigenous people of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia).

Note!: While reindeer herders work rain or shine, this trip is weather permitting only. If the conditions are bad, the program will be cancelled. The duration of the trip is estimated to be 4 to 5 hours depending on the location of the reindeer.

Price 190 € person ( price includes vat 10%).

Max 6 persons for one sled.

Price includes; drive from Nuorgam-Buolbmatjávri-Nuorgam, lunch by open fire (smoked reindeer meat with potatos, reindeer jerky, coffee).

NOTE! If you don´t have the right clothes for arctic, you can rent extreme warm clothes from us!

Jumpsuit, shoes, gloves, helmet 25€ person.

Program is available from january until the end of april.