Arctic-char ice fishing tour

20150404_142555Go fishing with the locals from Sápmi. Along with your fishing tour guide, you will find the best fishing spots in the Arctic. Your guides will show you 11083825_430137307152164_8655508566548983279_ntraditional Sami methods of ice fishing. You will also learn about Sami culture, and sample some delicacies from the far North, such as reindeer jerky, and cold-smoked reindeer roast.

Winter fishing day starts from Nuorgam. We will drive from Nuorgam village to snowmobiles and sleds. There your local guide will tell you about the days program and the destinations  where the day takes part. In these areas are several bigger lakes and poles, that you wouldn´t believe to be standing on a ice in a middle of the tundra.

Our guide will lead you to the idea of ice fishing and to the best spots for drilling holes in the ice. Laying on the reindeer hide and fishing, you can see thru the crystal clear water right to the bottom and even the fishes around your bait.

During the trip there will be a chance to warm up by the fire with coffee and for lunch tadisional lávvo-smoked reindeer meat.

Price 160 € person ( price includes vat 10%).

Minimum 2 persons. Max 6 person for one sled.

The duration of the trip is estimated to be 3-4 hours.

Price includes; drive from Nuorgam-Buolbmatjávri-Nuorgam, lunch by open fire (smoked reindeer meat with potatos, reindeer jerky, coffee).

NOTE! If you don´t have the right clothes for arctic, you can rent extreme warm clothes from us!

Jumpsuit, shoes, gloves, helmet 25€ person.

Program is available from january until the end of april.