Ingers Delikatesser

IMG_20151211_172428IMG_20151211_171844Ingers Delikatesser is a factory shop for Tenon Luonnontuote, family-company that has produced reindeer meat-products since 1975.

From Ingers Delikatesser you will find the local goods, produced from the area reindeer meat, local fish and berries. The shop has over 30 reindeer meat products; cold-smoked, warm/lávvo-smoked, air-dryed and so much more.

Defenetly a place to go if you are planning a visit to Nuorgam. You will find the shop in Nuorgam, Jänkäläntie 1. Center of the Nuorgam-village.

Ingers Delikatesser open hours you find on Facebook. Mainly the store is open from thursday-friday 11-18 (local time) and on saturday 11-16 (local time).


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