Visit a reindeer herder

Journey along the scenic Deatnu river to the mountains of Norway and Finland and meet a young Sami reindeer herder. He is one of the youngest reindeer herders in his region of Galdoaivi, one of the biggest ruokintaa 3wilderness areas in Europe.

Upon arrival, you will have the opportunity to be with his reindeer in his private corral. Here you will help feed the reindeer while learning about the traditions of herding and the culture of the Sami people. This is truly a chance of a lifetime considering his family has been herding reindeer for generations.

After feeding the reindeer you will have perhaps worked up an appetite and definitely deserve a break. Naturally it will be time to move to the lávvu where you will enjoy fresh coffee and get a taste of Sami culture. You will get the chance to taste fresh dried reindeer jerky that has been specially dried in the fresh tundra air under the northern lights. Although you may not want to leave, the visit will end with a Sami lasso-throwing lesson.

Duration 2 hours. Price 70 € person. Minimum 4 persons

Price includes; Traditional Sámi snacks by open fire ( Air-dryed reindeer meat, cold-smoked reindeer meat ) and hot soup for a drink.